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India, , , Length of fabric -made for Indonesian market
India, , 2-4 C, Gandharan school: seated Bodhisattva in meditation
India, , 12 C., India: Jain (religion): Neminatha: a Tirthankara
India, , 18 C, Burhanpur?: sash (Patka): detail
India, , late 18C, Shiva: two devotees worshipfully attend the trident
India, , 19 C., Rajasthan (Udaipur): Turban ornament presented to Prince of Wales 1875-76
India, , 1580-90 (circa), Mughal: pictorial carpet: animal and tree design: detail
India, , 1605 (circa), Akbar Nama: double page illustration: superior of ??? at feast given by Akbar
India, , 1632-54, India: Taj Mahal
India, , 1750-75, Murshidabad: The Nawab Alverdi Khan of Bengal and companions
India, Bhavani op. 1590, 1590 (circa), Akbarnama: The Construction of Fatehpur-Sikri
India, India, 10, Madhya Pradesh (Hinglajgarh): Parvati
India, India, 20 C, Kanchipuram: Vendor at temple selling cylinders for chalk patterns on ground
India, India: (south), 17/18 C, Ramalingeshvara Temple looking to central Shrine: Linga worshipped by Rama
India: Hyderabad, , , Cloak
Indonesia, , late 19 C, Sumatra: Ceremonial textile
Indonesia, , 1890/1900s, Java: Kain sarung: batik tulis
Indonesia, Indonesia: Java, 9 C., Borobudur: aerial view
Indonesia: Bali, , 19 C, Sth Bali: kain sepuk (ceremonial textile)
Indonesia: Java, , 20 C (early), Lasem: skirt cloth (kain sarong)

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