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Thailand, Thailand: (for export), 15 C, Sawankolok: Ewer (kendi): with floral and scroll design
Turkey, , 400 BC (circa), Lycian Sarcphagus from the royal Necrooplis at Sidon
Turkey, , 1558, Scene from courtly life
Turkey, Sinan c.1490 1588, 1544-48, Sehzade Cami: int. view showing marble minber
Turkey: Ottoman, , , Carpet of type called 'Large-patterned Holbein rug'
Turkey: Ottoman, , 15C, Bird rug: detail
Turkey: Ottoman, , 15-19C, Topkapi Palace:exterior; general view
Turkey: Ottoman, , 16/17 C, Ewer
Turkey: Ottoman, , 16 C bottle/18 C bowl, Water bottle and bowl
Turkey: Ottoman, , 1500 (circa), Plate with central cartouche and pair of birds
Turkey: Ottoman, , 1543, Mausoleum of Shehzade: detail: tile panel from inner walls
Turkey: Ottoman, , 1550 (after), Kemha fragment with vertical-stem pattern: detail
Turkey: Ottoman, , 1561, Panel: Iznik
Turkey: Ottoman, , 1600 (circa), Tankard with popular lateen-rigged ship design
Turkey: Ottoman, , 1826, Nusretiye Mosque: exterior: general view
Turkey: Ottoman, , 1871, Valide Mosque: interior
Turkey: Ottoman, Matrakci Nasuh op. 1543, 1558, Suleyman the Magnificant: Royal Audience at the Privy Gate at Topkapi
Turkey: Ottoman, Sinan c.1490 1588, 1553, Rustem Pasa Mosque: interior
Turkey: Ottoman, Turkey: Ottoman, 157/75, Tile panel from the Harem of Topkapi Palace
World, Ortelius: Abraham 1527 1598, 1589, World map

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