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Malaysia, , , Batik pelangi: tie resist dyeing method
Palestine, Classical architecture, 200 (circa), Palestine: Caesarea: Synagogue
Peru: Inca, , 0-100, Embroidered mantle with Shaman figures
Pre-Hellenic, , 17C BC, Akrotiri Thera: west house: ground plan
Roman, , 447-438 BC, Varvakeion Athena
Roman, , 50-70, Sth. Italy: fragment: peacock
Roman, , 50-62, Villa at Boscotrecase: white room: Urn with Caduceus on cornice
Roman, Classical architecture, 315, Rome: Arch of Constantine
Rome, , 13-9 BC, Ara Pacis Augustae: processional frieze
Rome, , 460 BC, Temple of Hera II
Rome, , 98-117, Aphrodisias: the stadium
Rome, , 141 (circa), Head of woman
Rome, , 180-192, Column of Marcus Aurelius: detail: destruction of village and execution
Rome, Leochares, c. 340-350 BC, Head of young Alexander the Great
Russia, , 13 C (early), Dormition
Russia, , C 14 (2nd quarter), SS. Boris and Gleb: hagiographical icon: (det)
Russia, , 15 C, Christ Pantocrator
Russia, , 16/17, St. Nicholas Zarayskiy (detail)
Russia, , 17 (early), Vision of Ponomar Taris
Russia, , 1037-1061, St. Sophia cathedral: exterior

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