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Dutch, Thorn Prikker: Johan, 1892, Bride
Egypt, , 18th Dyn. (c.1355 BC), Altarpiece: Tell el-Amarna: Amenophis IV (later Akhnaton) & Nefertiti with 3 Princesses
Egypt, , 689-664 BC, King Taharqa in front of a ram
Egypt, , 1320-1200 BC, Dier El Medineh: Tomb of Sennedjem: Sennedjem & his wife working in the fields
Egypt, , 1417-1379 BC, Egypt:Thebes: the Colossi of Memnon: view from southeast
Egypt, , c.1960 BC, Standard bearer of King Seosostris I with the Crown of Upper Egypt
Egypt, , c.2600 BC, Prince Rahotep and His consort Princess Nofret
Egypt, , 2650 BC (circa), Prince Rahotep
Egypt, , 3rd Dyn., Zoser Tomb area: Temple Saqqara
Egypt, , 193-211 (circa), Funerary portrait: the freedman Eutyches
Egypt, , 1503-1450, Tuthmosis III: portion of statue
Egypt, Egyptian sculpture, 2490-2472 BC (circa), King Mycerinus with Hathor & person of Thebes
Egypt: Coptic, , , Textile fragment
England, anon, 8, Lindisfarne Gospels: Cotton Nero D IV f 26v: ornimated page with interlace
Europe, , 2C, Churches recorded in the 2nd century: Byzantine and early Christian
Flanders, Bosch: Hieronymous 1474 1516, 1485, Garden of earthly delights: detail: top centre panel
Flanders, Brueghel: Pieter the Elder op. 1551 m. 1569, 1562-63, Triumph of death
Flanders, Eyck: Jan van 1422 1441, 1432, Ghent Altarpiece
Flanders, Eyck: Jan van 1422 1441, 1432, Ghent Altarpiece: outer panels: closed full view
Flanders, Eyck: Jan van 1422 1441, 1434, Arnolfini Marriage

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