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Britain, Hodges: William 1744 1797, 1776, View of Cape Stephens with Waterspout
Britain, Hogarth: William 1697 1764, 1732 (after), Harlot falls sick
Britain, Hunt: William Holman 1827 1910, 1853-7, Awakening conscience
Britain, Morris and Co. op. mid 1800s early 1900s, 1911, Tapsetry lunette
Britain, Morris: William 1834 1896, 1883, Chintz design: Evenlode pattern
Britain, Philips: Charles op.1730, 1732, Strong Family
Britain, Reynolds: Joshua 1723 1792, 1773, Graces decorating Hymen
Britain, Rossetti: Dante 1828 1882, 1877, Proserpine
Britain, Turner: Joseph 1775 1851, 1810, Fall of an avalanche in Grisons
Britain, Voysey: Charles 1857 1886, 1900, Lounge hall of Orchard Chorley Wood
Britain, Wright of Derby: Joseph 1734 1797, 1766, Philosopher lecturing on Orrery
Burma, , 1850-1880, Court robe of Kin Win Mingyi (Chief Minister) worn with a cotton pah-soe
Byzantine, , , Church of Themoniasos: exterior
Byzantine, , , Nemanjic Family Tree
Byzantine, , , Virgin Mary
Byzantine, , 6C (first 1/2), Bust of Christ Pantocrator (det.)
Byzantine, , 6 C, Constantinople: Sta. Sophia: ground plan
Byzantine, , 6 C, Constantinople: Sta. Sophia: section gallery papapet relief decoration: defaced crosses
Byzantine, , 6-7 C, Panagia Drosiani: west parecclesion
Byzantine, , 6 C, Sta. Sophia: south vestibule: the Virgin protectoress of Constantinople: detail: emperor Constantine

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