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Flanders, Eyck: Jan van 1422 1441, 1434-6, Madonna with Canon van der Paele: detail: St. George
Flanders, Haecht: Willem van: II 1593 1637, 1620 (circa), Visit by Spanish regents to picture gallery of Corelis van der Geest
Flanders, Rubens: Peter Paul (studio) 1577 1640, 1630-35 (circa), Holy family with saints in landscape
Flanders, Rubens: Peter Paul 1577 1640, c1615-7, Stigmatization of St. Francis
Flanders, van Aelst: Pieter op. 1495 1531, 1520, Honors: sixth tapestry
Flanders, Wezeler: Georg op. 1520, 1520-30, Spheres: third tapestry: det: Jupiter
Flemish, Bosch: Hieronymous 1474 1516, 1485, The Garden of Earthly Delights: top right panel: Hell
Flemish, Eyck: Jan van 1422 1441, 1434, Arnolfini Marriage (det.)
Flemish, Justus of Ghent, , Communion of the Apostles
Flemish, Rubens: Peter Paul 1577 - 1640, 1635 (after), Landscape with the Chateau de Steen (det.)
France, , , Chartres cathedral int: choir windows
France, , , Reims cathedral: exterior: west porch: central portal
France, , 11 C, Chartres: Notre Dame Cathedral: west facade: central portal: David and the Queen of Sheba
France, , 13 C, Amiens Cathedral: interior: nave loking east
France, , 820 (circa), Ebbo gospels: St John writing (Lat1 f134v)
France, , 1216 (circa), Chartres: Notre Dame Cathedral: interior west: great rose
France, , 1670's, Versailles: Hall of Mirrors
France, , 1765-1770, Chine velvet panel: detail
France, Abel de Pujol: A.D. 19 C, 1811, Lycurgue present aux Lacedemoniens l'hertier du trone
France, anon, 9-12, Autun cathedral: Tympanum: west facade

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