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Greece, , 590-530 BC, Tetradrachm: head of Athena in crested helmet
Greece, , , Cupid/Eros unstringing his bow
Greece, , 590(ca) 540(ca) 529-475, Archaic temples: Hera Olympia; Apollo Corinth; Sth.Polius? Athens
Greece, Classical architecture, 5 BC, Acropolis
Greece, Classical architecture, 5 BC (late), Temple of Poseidon
Greece, Classical architecture, 421-405 BC, Erechtheion: side view
Greece, Classical sculpture, 5 BC (mid), Riace Bronze: statue B
Greece, Classical sculpture, 180 BC (circa), Great Frieze of Pergamon Altar
Greece, Classical sculpture, 450-400 BC (circa), Parthenon: East Pediment: Dionysos & other figures
Greece, Classical sculpture, 480 BC (circa), Kritian Boy
Greece, Classical sculpture, 520 BC (circa), Kroisis
Greece, Classical sculpture, 2, Copy of Sperlonga head from Tivoli
Greece, Iktinos & Kallikrates, 5 BC, Parthenon:plans 1: Original 488-480 BC; 2: Final plan 447-438.
Greece, Kallikrates, 421-424 BC, Athena Nike: frontal view of reconstructed temple
Greece, Lysippos, 4 BC (late), Eros stringing his bow: copy of Greek original by Lysippos
Greece, Polygnotus (attrib), 450-440 BC, Pelike
Greece, Praxiteles, 330-320 BC (circa), Hermes: Portrait carrying Dionysus as a babe
Greece, Thanatos Painter, 430BC (circa), Attic white-ground lekythos
Hungary, Moholy-Nagy: Laszlo 1895 1946, 1923-30, Photogram
India, , , Fragment of painted and mordant dyed cotton

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