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Ireland, , , Arboe Cross
Italy, , 1C BC (late), Pompeii: Augustan villa at Boscotrecase: sacred and idyllic scene with buildings
Italy, , 1C BC (late), Pompeii: villa at Boscotrecase: landscape with Perseus and Andromeda
Italy, , 2-1C BC, Pompeii: Alexander mosaic from house of Faun: battle
Italy, , 4 BC (early), Tomb of Orcus: Profile head of Velia
Italy, , 5-4 BC, Etruscan grave stele with relief of dead in underworld
Italy, , 6 BC (end), Head of Hermes from an Akroterian statue
Italy, , 50-40BC (circa), Pompeii: villa at Oplontis: saloon (det.)
Italy, , 330BC, Campanian red-figure bail-amphora
Italy, , 480-470 BC, Tomb of Triclinio: music and dance scenes: symposium
Italy, , , Florence: Sta. Maria del fiore: dome: campanile viewd from Bargello tower
Italy, , , St. Theresa & her brothers go to seek martyrdom: vault: Cornaro Chapel
Italy, , C 2-3, Bust of girl
Italy, , 4C, Villa at Piazza Armerina: Odysseus offers wine to Polyphemos
Italy, , 5 C (early), Vat. Vergil: F.49r: Aeneas & Sibyl meet Deiphobus: Tisiphone guards Tartarus
Italy, , 5 C (early), Vatican Vergil: Fol 39v: Dido watches Aeneas sail away
Italy, , 5 C (early), Vatican Vergil: Fol 8v: Cyclopes at the forge
Italy, , 5 C (early), Vatican Vergil: Folio 73v: Ascanius holds council in beseiged camp
Italy, , 6C, San Vitale: interior facing apse
Italy, , C 13-19, Sta. Maria del Fiore (Florence Cathederal): West facade 19c. renovation

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