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anon, C 19-20, Postcard (baby)
anon, 655 (circa), Sutton Hoo: buckles & strap mounts
anon, 1015, Left door: detail: Fall/ Trial and Condemnation of Adam and Eve
anon, 1200 (circa), Head reliquary of St. John the Baptist
anon, 1380 (circa), Royal Gold Cup
anon, 1601, Whale Washed Ashore at Ancona
anon, 1850 (circa), Women holding a book
anon, 1889, Commem solidarity British & Australian workers during London dock strike
Antonello da Messina 1414 1493, 1475 ?, Crucifixion
Apollodorus (attrib), 113 AD ??, Panel from Trajan's Column? : Triumphal sacrifice
Atget: Eugene 1857 1927, n.d., Versailles: Vase
Bakst: Leon 1866 1924, 1910, Ballet Russe costume design: chief eunuch in 'Scheherazade'
Bakst: Leon 1866 1924, 1912, Ballet Russe costume: brigand in 'Daphnis et Chloe'
Baldung-Grien: Hans, , Seven ages of life
Barak: William 1824 1903, , William Barak painting
Bastien-Lepage: Jules 1848 1884, , Marie Samary of Odeon
Baudry: Paul 1828 1886, 1850, Zenobia found by the Bergers
Beattie: J W, late 1800 ?, N Mt. Lyell mine from Nth.
Bellechose: Henri 1440/4, 1416, Martyrdom of St. Denis: (detail)
Bernini: Gian Lorenzo 1598 1680, , Rome: Piazza Obliqua: collonade layout

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