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Chatillon: Zoe Laure de 1826 1908, 1878 (circa), Adolescent
Chippendale: Thomas (attrib.) 1718 1779, 1790 (circa), Commode
Cimabue: Cenni di Pepo 1240 c 1301 c, 1288 (before), Crucifix
Classical architecture, 2 BC (late), Temple of Fortuna Virilis
Classical architecture, 5 BC, Model of Acropolis: from SW
Classical architecture, 27BC / 126AD, Pantheon (exterior: front entrance)
Classical architecture, 120 BC (circa), Pompeii: Basilica: facade
Classical architecture, , Temple of Poseidon: general view
Classical architecture, 5/16 C, Rome: Sta Maria Maggiore: nave 432.4
Classical architecture, 138 (before), Hadrian's Villa: view of Conopus
Classical architecture, 380, Rome: S.Paolo fuori le mura: facade
Classical sculpture, 5 BC (mid), Riace Bronze: statue A: detail of head
Classical sculpture, 6 BC (late), Metopes for later temple of Hera
Classical sculpture, 323-30 BC (early), Votive relief of Artemis
Classical sculpture, 460 BC (circa), Ludouisi Throne: Birth of Aphrodite: central panel
Classical sculpture, 480 BC (circa), Kritian Boy
Classical sculpture, 520 BC (circa), Kroisis
Classical sculpture, BC, Athena Parthenos Statuettes: L. & C: Varvakeirn; R: Lenormant
Classical sculpture, 3 C, Sarcophagus of the Good Sheperd: detail
Classical sculpture, 81 AD, Arch of Titus: Spoils from Temple of Jerusalem: south face

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