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India, 20 C., Orissa: Walls of house with two elephants worshipping a lotus (Gaja-Laksmi)
India: Sanchi: Great Stupa, stone, 3 BC-1C AD
Indonesia: Java, , Borobudur: plan in form of mandala
Ingres: Jean Auguste 1780 1867, 1839-40, Odalisque witha slave
Japan, 8 C, Nara: Sassanian inspired textile: Imperial Treasure
Kei School 13 C, 13 C (early), Mi Shin
Kleinschmidt: Theodore, 1877, Tui Nadrau: chief of Nadrau: wrapped in barkcloth for ceremonial presentation
Klinger: Max 1857 1920, 1883, Fantasies on the finding of glove: Triumph
Lambert: George 1873 1930, 1060*780, White glove
Laurana: Luciano 1420 1479, , Urbino: Ducal Palace: Room of Iole: fireplace: Hercules and Iole
Laurana: Luciano 1420 1479, 1460 (begun), Urbino: Ducal Palace: Dutchess's Reception Room: chimneypiece
Le Brun: Charles, N.D., Death of Meleager
Le Brun: Charles 1619 1690, 1670's, Salon de Venus with Statue of Louis XIV as Roman Emperor by Jean Warin
Le Vau; Perrault; Lebrun op.1670, 1667-70, Louvre: east front
Leochares, 350-300 BC (circa), Apollo Belvedere: Roman Copy
Leonardo da Vinci 1452 1519, , Virgin & Child
Leonardo da Vinci 1452 1519, 1481, Adoration of the Magi
Leonardo da Vinci 1452 1519, 1503-5, Study for two warrior's heads for battle of Anghiari
Lewin: John 1770 1819, 1819, Kangaroos
Loos: Adolf 1870 1933, 1910-11, 'He has found that which he searched...'re. Goldman & Salatsch bldg.

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