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Goyen: Jan van, 1645, View of Emmerich across the Rhine
Greuze: Jean Baptiste 1725 1805, 1777-78, The father's curse: the ungrateful son
Griffin: Walter Burley 1876 1937, 1912, Commonwealth of Australia federal capital competition: city and environs
Griffin: Walter Burley 1876 1937, 1921, Australia: Castlecrag: C. W. Moon House: after working drawings
Griffin: Walter Burley 1876 1937, 1929, Australia: Castlecrag: F. W. Fyshwick House
Grunewald: Matthias 1470 1530, 1513-15, Isenheim altarpiece: Crucifixion: detail: Christ's feet
Grunewald: Matthias 1470 1530, 1515, Isenheim Altarpiece: middle position
Guys: Constantin 1805 1892, , En Visite
Hager: Hans 16, 1526, Christ: First Communion; and feeding the masses
Hals: Franz 1582/3? 1666, 1630-40, Lute player
Harunobu: Suzuki 1725 1770, 1850 (circa), Osen of Kagiya serving tea to a customer
Hilderbranndt: Johann Lucas von 1668 1745, 1693-1721, Lower Palace
Hodges: William 1744 1797, , Views of Islands of Otaha and Bola Bola
Hogarth: William, 1735, Rake's progress: pl.2; third state
Hogarth: William 1697 1764, 1732 (after), Harlot Lodged in Bridewell
Holanda: Francesco de 1517 84, 1538 ?, Watercolour reprod. of Volta Dorata in Domus Aurea
Honnecourt: Villard de, 1225-1250, Lion and Porcupine from sketchbook
Iberian Sculpture (Osuna), , Head of Man: Full face view
Iktinos & Kallikrates, 480 BC, Parthenon: general view: columns
India, 11-12 C., Chola: Shiva Nataraja

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