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, 1872, Djuwany post at Gurawuy: ceremonial dilly bags and feather string
, c. 1890, Ciberon: kain panjang patchwork
Adam: Robert (and others), , Devon: Saltram: interior: the Saloon
Alberti: Leon Baptista 1578 1660, 15, Malatesta Temple: Facade: Detail
Altdorfer: Albrecht, 1510, A family of wild people
Andrea (ascribed to): di Aloigi 1484 1516, , Virgin & Child
Angelico: Fra Giovanni 1387 1455, c 1450, Corination of Virgin
anon, 5 BC ??, Etruscan funerary cippus: 2 women examining material
anon, 7 BC (early), 2 arm bands (or ear rings)
anon, 7 BC (early), Etruscan: Canopic urn in form of woman
anon, 400 BC (circa), Aphrodite: cult statue
anon, 520-510 BC, Tomba Cardarelli: man with kylix : another with basket
anon, 550 BC (circa), Etruscan grave stele?? of Aulus Titus
anon, , Etruscan head flask
anon, , Reims cathedral: exterior: west facade
anon, , United Dutch East India Company platter: without 'VOC' logo.
anon, 5 C, Baptistry of Orthodox: Prophet or Evangelist
anon, 8 (late), Coronation Gospels: F 76v: St. Mark
anon, 9-11 (?), Flatatunga Panels: Rune stone type human figures
anon, 14-15 C, Arm reliquary containing relics of protector saints of Zara

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