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, 1 BC (early), Detail: Urn cover: two reclining figures: 'Oldies'
, 1C BC (mid), Pompeii: plan of the villa of Oplontis
, 1 BC (early), Urn cover: two reclining figures: 'Oldies'
, 3 BC, Armlets: Triton and Tritoness
, 4C BC (late), Apulian fish plate
, c.4 BC, Pazyryk: shabrak from kurgon 5: geometric ornament
, 5 BC (early), Etruscan bronze situla: detail: daily life
, 5 C. BC, Parthenon Krepis south side
, 5 BC (end), Statue of warrior: 'Mars of Todi'
, 6C BC, Attic bf belly amphora: the Johnson vase
, 10BC (circa), Villa at Boscotrecase: red room
, 17C BC, Akrotiri Thera: west house: ground plan
, 18th Dyn. (c.1490 BC), Thebes: Tomb of Benia-Pahekmen
, 50-40BC (circa), Pompeii: villa at Oplontis: saloon
, c.150 BC, Hadrian's Villa: Canopus canal from the south
, 300-100 BC, Embroidered mantle: detail of monkey like figures
, 340 BC, The Ephebe of Antikythera
, 430 BC (circa), Statue of Amazon
, 460 BC, Temple of Hera II
, 470 BC (circa), Tomb of Leopards: view of room

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