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, c. 490 BC, Aegina Doric temple of Aphaia
, 520 BC (circa), 'Kroisos' kouros from Anavyssos Attica
, 530-20 BC, Cinerary urn in from of sarcophagus with reclining couple
, 590-530 BC, Tetradrachm: head of Athena in crested helmet
, 950-720 BC, The God Amon
, 1320-1200 BC, The goddess Hathor
, 1417-1379 BC, Thebes: Tomb of Ramose: Mai and his wife Urel from the family of Vizier Ramose
, c.1960 BC, Standard bearer of King Seosostris I with the Crown of Upper Egypt
, c.2558-2533 BC, Statue of King Chephren
, 2650 BC (circa), Mycerinus Triad
, ,
, , Arboe Cross
, , Ceremonial textile in dodot form (made for Indonesian market)
, , Church of Panagia: dome: Christ Pantokrator
, Errigal, Errigal Keerogue Cross
, , Fragment of painted and mordant dyed cotton
, , Glass furnace and glass-blowers
, , Java: Majapahit: terra-cotta kendis
, , Length of fabric -made for Indonesian market
, , Nemanjic Family Tree

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