The Great xhibition: by Exhibitor

Records in this index are the first record on each display page. There are 9 records on each display page.

Sauer, -, Suhl:Saxony, Ornamented fowling-piece: detail
Sazikoff, , Moscow, cup
Shacklock, -, Bolgover, heraldic chair: detail of back
Simcox & Pemberton, -, Birmingham, cornice and curtain ornaments
Smith & Nicholson, -, London, centrepiece depicting Narcissus
Stevens, -, Taunton, cabinet
Summerfield, -, Birmingham, decanters
Templeton, -, Glasgow, Table cover
Thonet, -, Vienna, inlaid table
Tourey, -, Li´ge, gun-stock in Louis XIV style: detail
Underwood, Slocombe (designer), London, Figured table cover commemorating the Exhibition
Vankempen, -, Utrecht, hand-bell
Vezey, -, Bath, carriage
Vittoz, -, Paris, Group of vases
W.R. Smiley, -, London, spoons and sugar ladel: detail
Walton & Co., -, Wolverhampton, Tray

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