The Great xhibition: by Exhibitor

Records in this index are the first record on each display page. There are 9 records on each display page.

Molineaux & Webb, -, Manchester, jug and goblet
Morel, -, London, cup bowl and falcon
Myers, -, Lambeth, Gothic font: detail
Nencini, -, Florence, Bacchus
Odiot, -, Paris, cup
P.MacDowell, -, , "Morning Prayer"
Patek, -, Geneva, watch
Pellatt, -, London, chandelier: detail
Pellatt, -, London, wine decanter
Peyton & Harlow, -, Birmingham, iron
Pierce, -, London, fender
Potts, -, Birmingham, card dish
Poussielgue & Rusard, -, Paris, chalice
Prime & Son, -, Birmingham, butter knife
Purcell, Gruner (deisgner), London, Table cover
Redmayne & Son, -, London, flowered silk

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