The Great xhibition: by Exhibitor

Records in this index are the first record on each display page. There are 9 records on each display page.

Leistler, -, Vienna, inlaid table-top
Leistler, -, Vienna, sideboard
Lemire, -, Lyons, piece of embroidery for priest's robe
Lewis & Allenby, (printed by Swaisland), London, shawl
Lithgow & Purdie, -, Edinburgh, Carved panelling design
Loy Junior, -, London, cheese scoop handle
M'Crea, -, Halifax, furniture damask
M'Donald, -, Glasgow, cover of a child's cradle
Mansard, Ceramic, Paris, stoneware
Marrel Freres, -, Paris, miniature frame
Martin & Baskett, -, Cheltenham, butter cooler
Matifat, -, Paris, draw-handle & portion of an escutcheon
Matifat, -, Paris, vase in the "Assyrian" style & ewer in the antique style
Meigh & Sons, -, Hanley: Stafforshire, drinking cup
Messenger, -, Birmingham, scroll for a gas bracket
Minton, -, Stoke-upon-Trent, sculptural figure candlestick

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