The Great xhibition: by Exhibitor

Records in this index are the first record on each display page. There are 9 records on each display page.

Requillard Roussel & Choqueil, -, Paris, carpets
Richardson, -, Stourbridge, jug
Ridgway, -, Shelton; Staffordshire, pieces from a dinner service
Robertson Carr & Steel, -, Sheffield, fender: detail
Rogers & Dear, -, London, bedstead
Rogers W.G., Rogers, London, crade
Rogers W.G., Rogers, London, miniature frame
Rogers W.H., -, London, design for a tea caddy spoon of boxwood: front
Rose & Co., -, Coleport, tureen
Rotherham, -, Coventry, watches
Roxburgh, -, Paris, long woven shawl
Royal Manufactory of Porcelain, -, Dresden, vase
Royal Porcelain Manufactory, -, Sevres, baptismal font
Royal Porcelain Manufactory, -, Sevres, tazza
Rudolphi, -, Paris, Renaissance style brooch
S.T. Brown, -, Glasgow, child's gown: detail

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