The Great xhibition: by Exhibitor

Records in this index are the first record on each display page. There are 9 records on each display page.

Bernardi, -, Milan, lamp
Beveridge, Paton (designer), Dunfermline, table-cover in the French style
Birrell, -, Dunfermline, table cloth with portrait of Washington
Blanchard, -, Lambeth, pinnacle
Boote, -, Burslem, jug
Boote, -, Burslem, wash jug and basin
Broadwood, -, London, Pianoforte
Brown; G., -, London, Candelabrum
Capello, -, Turin, chair
Cartwright & Hirons, -, Birmingham, revolving liquor stand
Chickering, -, Boston, pianoforte
Clay, -, London, dressing-table chair and footstool
Colebrook Dale Iron Works, -, -, flower pot stand
Collard & Collard, -, London, upright pianoforte
Cookes, -, Wawrick, buffet
Copeland, -, Stoke-upon-Trent, group of objects for the conservatory

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