Architecture of our Century

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France, Paris, Le Corbusier, Apartment, axonometric perspective, 1925, France
France, Paris, Le Corbusier, House, view, 1922, France
France, Paris, Ledoux C, Public building, engraving, 1789, France
France, Paris, Mallet-Stevens R, House, view, 1920, France
France, Paris, Perret A, Apartment, , 1903, France
France, Paris, Perret A & G, Factory, Interior: Detail of large hall, 1919, France
France, Paris, Rogers R and Piano R, Public building, night view, 1977, France
France, Paris, Rossi A, Apartment, View from courtyard, 1986, France
France, Paris, Tschumi B, Commercial, Folie No.N7, 1982-1990, France
France, Paris, Tschumi B, Public building, view, 1982, France
France, Paris:Montmatre, Loos A, House, Street front, 1925-1926, France
France, St.die, Le Corbusier, Design, model, 1945, France
France, Vassivire, Rossi A, Museum, Side elevation and tower, 1988, France
Germany, , Gropius W, House, view, 1924, Germany
Germany, , Schinkel K F, Castle, plan of the first floor, , Germany
Germany, , Schinkel K F, House, Neighbouring Site:Annex:Entrance:Elevation:section, , Germany

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