Architecture of our Century

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Italy, Modena, Rossi A, Public bdg:cemetery, View of columbarium, 1971, Italy
Italy, Parma, Rossi A, Commercial, Sketch by aldo rossi, 1985, Italy
Italy, Perugia, Rossi A, Public building, Palazzo Regionale entrance detail, 1982, Italy
Italy, Romano, Guerrini La, Public building, east view, 1940, Italy
Italy, Rome, Gamberini & Berardi, Public building, designs, 1938, Italy
Italy, Turin, Rossi A, Office, Corner entry detail, 1984, Italy
Italy, Venice, Rossi A, Apartment, Site plan, 1985, Italy
Japan, , Isozaki A, Design, design, 1976, Japan
Japan, Chikura, Rossi A, Hotel, View of model, 1990, Japan
Japan, Fukuoka, Rossi A, Hotel, Entry facade detail, 1987, Japan
Japan, Fukuoka, Rossi A, Hotel, View of the stair tower from the west, 1987, Japan
Japan, Gunma:Takasaki, Isozaki A, Museum, Overall view, 1970-1974, Japan
Japan, Imabari, Tange K, Office, facade, view, Japan
Japan, Kuamoto, Kijima Y, Memorial, view, 1975, Japan
Japan, Kyoto, Otani Sachio, Public building, plan, 1966, Japan
Japan, Minato, Maki F, Office, view, 1985, Japan

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