Architecture of our Century

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Netherlands, , Doesburg T & Van Esseren C, House, colour lithograph, 1923, Netherlands
Netherlands, Amsterdam, de Klerk M, Apartment, Post Office hall with telephone booth, 1917-1921, Netherlands
Netherlands, Amsterdam, Mey; van der L'Lerk; Kramer & Alsterdam, Office, stairwell, 1916, Netherlands
Netherlands, Amsterdsam, Berlage H P, Commercial, Interior: Commodities Exchange, 1886-1903, Netherlands
Netherlands, Hilversum, Dudok W M, Educational, Detail of facade, 1921, Netherlands
Netherlands, Maastricht, Rossi A, Museum, Elevation studies, 1990, Netherlands
Netherlands, Rotterdam, Oud J J P, Commercial, Facade design, 1924-1925, Netherlands
Netherlands, The hague, Stern R, Office, restaurant, 1988, Netherlands
Netherlands, Zaandam, Rossi A, Public building, Entrance, 1989, Netherlands
Poland, Breslau, Scharoun H, Exhibition, Entrance front, 1929, Poland
Russia, , Malevich K, Design, model, 1926, Russia
Russia, , Suetin N, Design, gouache, 1920, Russia
Scotland, Glasgow, Gasson B, Museum, View from Pollock Park, 1972-1983, Scotland
Spain, Andoian, Garay M, House, View of entrance, 1977-1978, Spain
Spain, Barcelona, Gaudi A, Apartment, exterior detail of facade, 1904, Spain
Spain, Barcelona, Gaudi A, Apartment, rear facade, 1904, Spain

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