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Japan, India & Cambodia

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  1. Countries: the majority of items appear (roughly "catalogued") in australia; austria; california; belgium; cambodia (angkor); cambodia2; croatia; denmark; egypt; england; finland; france; germany; greece; hong kong; hungary; india; Borobudur in VRML; Borobudur in still images; italy (but 16,000 images of Rome appear here); sicily; japan; korea; latvia; norway; portugal, russia; scotland; spain; switzerland; syria; thailand; turkey; g2turkey;

    Since some of these indexes are getting very large, here are the bigger ones laid out in text format: use the browser's "search" function to find what you need: australia; austria; egypt; england; france; germany; hungary; indonesia; italy; sicily; spain; syria; turkey;
    and for church art & architecture: austria: churches & cathedrals; england: churches & cathedrals ; france: churches & cathedrals; germnay: churches & cathedrals; italy: churches & cathedrals; spain: churches & cathedrals;

  2. Subject categories (sometimes defective: more will eventually be added) from the above, and mostly from museums, include:
    1. arms & armour in england, france, germany,
    2. ceramics in england, france, germany,
    3. choirstalls in england, france, spain,
    4. churches in england, france, germany, portugal, spain, switzerland,
    5. clocks & watches in england, france,
    6. cloisters in england, france, germany, portugal, sicily, spain, switzerland,
    7. coins in england, france, portugal,
    8. enamels in england, france,
    9. funerary material in france, germany,
    10. glass (currently both stained and vessels) in england, france, germany,
    11. hoards antique in england, france, germany,
    12. ivories in england, france, germany, portugal,
    13. jewellery in england, france, germany,
    14. metalwork in england, france, germany, switzerland,
    15. mosaic in italy, sicily;
    16. museums in england, france, germany, portugal, sicily, spain,
    17. paintings in england, california, france, germany,
    18. sculpture in england, france, germany, portugal,
    19. textiles in england, france, germany, sicily,
    20. tombs in england, england, france, germany, italy, sicily, spain,
    21. treasuries from churches in england, france, germany, , ,

    - and here are some site-wide indexes in text format (use your browser to locate what you need): altars; antique hoards; archaeological; archaeological museums; arms and armour; books and manuscripts; byzantine; ceramics; chapels; chateaux, hotels, palaces, villas ; choirstalls; church and other treasure ; churches; cityscape; clocks & watches ; coins and medals; columns and capitals; columns, capitals and cloisters; enamels; fonts ; fortifications; fountains ; funerary; furniture and woodwork; blass; ivories; japanese scrolls; jewellery; libraries; metalwork; mausolea; military and naval museums ; minarets; architectural models; mosaics; mosques; paintings; panoramas; parks and gardens; projectiles; pulpits; reliquaries; roman sculpture; sculptures: statues and reliefs; spolia; stereo pairs; textiles; walls, gates and fortresses;

  3. Surveys:
    1. Art History by artist, by country or by medium;
    2. Western Art and architecture by country, site or type;
    3. Mediterranean architecture (largely classical) by search, or alphabetically by site or by country;
    4. classical art & architecture,
    5. Italian Renaissance art;
    6. Italian renaissance architecture;
    7. All illustrations to the catalogue of The Great Exhibition (1851) by exhibitor, medium, and type;

  4. Prints:
    1. prints by artist, by subject or by technique;
    2. Prints by or of William Blake, Brueghel, Flaxman, The Great Exhibition, Italian printmakers, artist or country, Piranesi, Samuel Prout, MA Raimondi, Reemakers; French prints, French 19thC cartoons; Italian prints; School of Fontainebleau;

  5. Museums and galleries will be found throughout the Countries listings above;

  6. Architecture:
    1. Buddhist:
      1. Japan;
    2. Classical & Christian:
        by site or by country;
      1. Diocletian's "palace" at Split; and prints of the site by Robert Adam;
      2. authors: Desgodetz, Philibert de l'Orme, Serlio (1537-51), Schinkel, Stuart & Revett, and Cesariano's Vitruvius;
      3. sites: Baalbec, Didyma,
      4. Ebersolt's 1913 Les Eglises de Constantinople;

    3. Islamic:
      1. Egypt: the Moslem architecture of Cairo;
      2. Prof James A. Harrell: Decorative Stones in the pre-Ottoman Islamic Buildings of Cairo
      3. Prisse d'Avennes' plates of architecture in Cairo (with a summary of his life here);
      4. Turkey: Ankara, Beyshehir, Bursa, Istanbul, Konya;

  7. Some of my books and papers:
    1. The Classical Tradition in Art;
    2. The Greek and Roman Cities of Western Turkey;
    3. Spolia in Fortifications: Turkey, Syria and North Africa;
    4. The Survival of Roman Antiquities in the Middle Ages;

  8. Mediaeval materials: As well as in the countries listings above, see:
    1. A survey of manuscripts, and the Bamberg Apocalypse;
    2. Textiles: The Bayeux Tapestry;

  9. Embellishments: typefaces, frames and culs-de-lampe,

  10. Film: Riefenstahl's triumph of the will and olympiad;