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Manuscript, India, , 1582-83, Manuscript of Gulistan of Sadi
Manuscript, Italy, , 5 C (early), Vat. Vergil: F. 22r:Creusa restrains Aeneas etc
Manuscript, Italy, , 5 C (early), Vatican Vergil: Fol 27r: Cyclades and Pergamea desolated by pestilence & drought
Manuscript, Italy, , 5 C (early), Vatican Vergil: Fol 47v: Aeneas and Sibyl enter underworld
Manuscript, Italy, , 5 C (early), Vatican Vergil: Folio 58r: Aeneas sails past Circe's house
Manuscript, Netherlands, anon, , Utrecht Psalter: Alleluia
Map, Byzantine, anon, 6 (circa), Map: Byzantine Empire in reign of Di Justinian
Map, France, anon, 1855, Plan de Paris
Metalwork, Britain, , 20c, Helmet; replica made by BM and Royal Armories
Metalwork, England, anon, 655 (circa), Sutton Hoo: gold buckle
Metalwork, Germany, anon, 1200 (circa), Head reliquary of St. John the Baptist
Metalwork, Italy, , 5 BC (early), Etruscan bronze situla: detail: daily life
Metalwork, Italy, anon, 7 BC (early), Etruscan gold pectoral from Regolini-Galassi tomb
Metalwork, Italy, Cellini: Benvenuto, , Salt cellar of Francis I
Metalwork, Turkey: Ottoman, , 16 C bottle/18 C bowl, Water bottle and bowl
Mosaic, Byzantine, , end 6C or later, Pavement of Great Palace
Mosaic, Italy, , , Mausoleum of Galla Placidia: stag at spring at feet of apostles: lunette mosaics
Painting, America, Bierstadt: Albert 1830 1902, 1863, Rocky Mountains: Lander's Peak
Painting, America, Cassatt: Mary 1845 1926, 1882, Two young women in loge
Painting, America, Cole: Thomas 1801 1848, 1844-45, Pilgrim of cross at the end of his journey

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