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Drawing, France, Seurat: George Pierre 1859 1891, c. 1882, Lady in Black
Drawing, Italy, , 79 <, Diagram: Room: Painted garden in Casa del Bracciale d'Oro
Drawing, Italy, Leonardo da Vinci 1452 1519, 16, Study of arm muscles and veins
Enamel, Byzantine, , 886-912, Votive Crown of Emperor Leo VI
Film Still, America, Cruze: James 1884 1942, film, Covered Wagon 1923
Furniture, Britain, , 1685 (circa), Cabinet on stand
Furniture, Britain, , 1720 (circa), Armchair
Furniture, Britain, , 1755 (circa), Clothes press
Furniture, Britain, , 1795 (circa), Breakfast table
Furniture, Britain, Hope: Thomas, 1800-04, Sette and armchair
Furniture, China, China: (for export), 1754-55 (circa), Chinese wallpaper in an English bedroom
Furniture, India, India, 17 C (early), Sind: Communion table
Industrial Design, America, , 20, Cadillac with 'bombs' or Daqmars
Jewellery, India, , 18 C. (early), Rajasthan (Mughal or Rajput): Turban ornament
Jewellery, Indonesia, Indonesia, 19 C., Sumba (Indonesia): Mamuli ear-ornament/pendant
Leatherwork, Turkey: Ottoman, , 1580 (circa), Canteen: gift from Sultan Murad III to Emperor Rudolph II
Manuscript, Britain, , 1399-1400, Worshippers of Convent of Good Hope: manuscript from Constantinople
Manuscript, France, , 9C (early), Gospel books: St Luke (det.)
Manuscript, France, anon, 6 C (late), Miracle of Loaves and Fishes: folio 15 of Evangelist of Sinope
Manuscript, Greece, , 10/11C, Prochorus (Cod 588 f225v) (det.)

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