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Textile, France, , , Mille fleurs tapestry: unicorn in captivity
Textile, France, , 1869, Velvet panel
Textile, France/Italy?, , 1740 (circa), Brown and cream waistcoat
Textile, India, , , Fragment of painted and mordant dyed cotton
Textile, India, , , Length of fabric -made for Indonesian market
Textile, India, , 16 C (late), Mughal: the 'Widener Animal Carpet': detail
Textile, India, , 1605-1627 (Jahangir), Mughal: Hunting coat
Textile, India, India, 1650-1700, Mughal: wall hanging
Textile, Indonesia, , late 19-early 20C, Java: child wearing sarung: photographed by Lambert
Textile, Indonesia, Indonesia, 19 C (late), Sulawesi: Toraja: hanging
Textile, Indonesia: Java, , 20 C (early), Lasem: skirt cloth (kain sarong)
Textile, Malaysia, Malaysia, 19 C (late), Sarawak: Iban people: pua kumba ceremonial textile
Textile, Russia, Bakst: Leon 1866 1924, 1910, Ballet Russe costume design: chief eunuch in 'Scheherazade'
Textile, Russia, Bakst: Leon 1866 1924, 1912, Ballet Russe costume: brigand in 'Daphnis et Chloe'
Textile, Turkey, , ,
Textile, Turkey: Ottoman, , beginning of 15C, Animal carpet with phoenix fighting a dragon
Textile, Turkey: Ottoman, , 17C, Ladik Prayer rug
Textile, Turkey: Ottoman, , 1550 (after), Prayer rug with saz design
Textile/Technique, Sandwich Islands, Villerey: Antoine Claude, c. 1819, Barkcloth: house of Kraimokou: 1st minister to King: Sandwich Island
Wall Painting, Italy, , , Catacomb of Priscilla: Cubiculum of 'Velatio'

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