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Print, Italy, , 1496, Savonarola in his cell
Print, Italy, Pollaiulo: Antonio, 1470 (circa), Battle of the naked men
Print, Italy, Volpato: Giovanni 1733 1803, , Farnese Gallery: view of North end
Print, Japan, Hokusai 1760 1849, 1840s, Bullfinch on a branch of weeping cherry
Print, Turkey [Danish], Lorch: Melchior 1527 1594, 1559, Sultan Suleyman
Ptg / Icons / Useage, Russia, , 20, Convent of Piukhtitsy: furnishings and house icon
Sculpture, Australia, Boyd: Merric 1862 1940, 1929/1946/1943, Left:vase ; centre: incense holder ; right: bowl
Sculpture, Austria, Fruhwrit: Josef op. 1679, 1679, Three cornered column: grave of Leopold I: erected during plague
Sculpture, Byzantine, , 390, Emperor Thedosius I receiving the homage of barbarians
Sculpture, China, anon, 1279-1368, Yuan: Bodhidharma crossing teh Yangtze on a redd vertical
Sculpture, Egypt, , 200 BC (circa), Unidentified Ptolemy
Sculpture, Egypt, , 1361-1352 BC, Funeral mask of Tutankhamun
Sculpture, Egypt, , 1971-1928 BC, Sesostris I wearing the crown of lower Egypt
Sculpture, Egypt, , c.2600 BC, Prince Rahotep and His consort Princess Nofret:detail
Sculpture, Egypt, , 2750 BC (circa), Diagram of canon
Sculpture, Egypt, , 400-500, Funerary Stele
Sculpture, Egypt, Egyptian sculpture, 2490-2472 BC (circa), King Mycerinus with Hathor & person of Thebes
Sculpture, France, Apollinaire: Guillaume 1880 1918, 19, Studio with part of his African Art Collection
Sculpture, Germany, , 1300 (circa), Roettgen Pieta
Sculpture, Germany, Moholy-Nagy: Laszlo 1895 1946, 1925 (circa), Preliminary Course: Copy of Model

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