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Architecture, Byzantine, Fossati: Gaspare 1809 1883, 6 C, Constantinople: Sta. Sophia: exterior: west
Architecture, Egypt, , 1503-1450 BC, Deir el Bahari: Temple of Hatshepsut
Architecture, Egypt, Egyptian sculpture, 20th Dyn, Statue of Rameses II from first court
Architecture, France, , , Laon cathedral: int. view
Architecture, France, , 11 C, Chartres: Notre Dame Cathedral: north transept:porch:door: Molehezedeck Abraham Moses Samuel David
Architecture, France, , 19, Paris: Champs Elysees
Architecture, France, , 1670's, Versailles: Hall of Mirrors
Architecture, France, anon, 1066-1077, Caen: Abbaye aux Hommes and St. Etienne church: int: nave north side
Architecture, France, Boullee: EtienneLouis, 1784, Centotaph: 'A Newton' night version
Architecture, France, Gothic Architecture, 11-12, St. Foy: exterior: general view
Architecture, France, Gothic Architecture, 1145-1170, Chartres: Notre Dame Cathedral: old testament figures
Architecture, France, Gothic Architecture, 1225-45, Reims Cathedral: west facade: centre door: right jamb: Annunciation angel
Architecture, France, Gothic Architecture, 1231, St. Denis: int: choir and south transept
Architecture, France, Le Brun: Charles 1619 1690, 1671, Salon de Venus
Architecture, France, Romanesque Architecture, 1066-1077, Abbeya aux Hommes and St. Etienne church: int: nave looking E
Architecture, Germany, Carolingian Architecture, 792-805, Palatine Chapel: int. looking E
Architecture, Germany, Romanesque Architecture, 1001-1031, St. Michael: monastry: int. from east
Architecture, Greece, , 5 C. BC, Parthenon Krepis south side
Architecture, Greece, , c. 450 BC, Temple of Hera II
Architecture, Greece, Classical architecture, 5 BC, Aegina Sectional restoration of Aphaia Temple

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