I have been interested for some time in experimenting with a full-length book on the Web, to discover whether the WWW/Mosaic technology, which is so brilliantly designed for suave presentations of a few pages, can cope with entities which are much longer.

Accordingly, I am publishing my The Greek & Roman Cities of Western Turkey on the Web before I do so in print, not only because I believe the web is a splendid medium for work (such as mine) which involves more illustrations than a publisher will usually handle, but because I want to see whether such 100,000-word monsters are manageable electronically.

To make reading easier, I have sliced the book up into discrete HTML documents, several for each chapter. This should speed up access, and will allow the user to start wherever is desired, because I have tagged "continuing" chapters with the hotspot continues..., and there are hotspots to ALL chapters at the bottom of EVERY HTML document.

At the top and bottom of each document are displayed icons which allow access to the various services, and also to the main ArtServe menu, so a quick escape should be easy!

The icons are as follows:

This document

The Table of Contents for the Book

Database searching for images associated with the book

The TextSearcher

The main ArtServe Menu

Images relevant to the current HTML document