Etchings and Engravings from Fontainebleau

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master L.D., garden of vertumnus, , H16, 255
master L.D., hercules fighting on argonauts' ship, after primaticcio for vestibule of porte doree fontainebleau, H1, 303
master L.D., jupiter and semele, primaticcio for room adjacent galerie francois I, H5, 263
master L.D., mark anthony sacrificing, after drawing of antonine column by primaticcio?, H57, 297
master L.D., mercury teaching the arts, giulio romano cf. ceiling sala degli stucchi palazzo te, -, 274
master L.D., rebecca and eliezer, primaticcio for fontainebleau somewhere, H35, 276
master L.D., thalia, after primaticcio probably for lower gallery at fontainebleau, H29, 290
master L.D., venus, after primaticcio probably for lower gallery at fontainebleau, H20, 281
master L.D., woman in antique dress, , H87, 249
pierre milan, jupiter surrounded by the gods, , RD33, 470
pierre milan, nymph of fontainebleau, for frame cf. primaticcio's danae in galerie francois I, RD18, 479
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