Etchings and Engravings from Fontainebleau

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fantuzzi, woman full face head to right, , H89, 244
jean mignon, Adoration of the magi, , H4, 449
jean mignon, cleopatra bitten by the asp, , H11, 403
jean mignon, female herm with basket, , H1 anonymous, 382
jean mignon, judgment of paris, marcantonio after raphael, H21, 425
jean mignon, metamorphosis of actaeon, , H22, 459
jean mignon, ornamental composition, , H127, 418
jean mignon, priam ransoms hector, , H24, 380
jean mignon, satyr leaning to the right, , H2 anonymous, 383
jean mignon, venus at the bath served by nymphs, flemish style frame?, H20, 413
master L.D., abduction of amymone, , H184, 373
master L.D., apelles painting alexander and campaspe, after primaticcio in chambre de madame d'etampes, H13, 316
master L.D., bellona seated on trophies, after primaticcio for fontainebleau somewhere?, H31, 301
master L.D., cleopatra and the asp, copy of print by ag veneziano after b bandinelli, H43, 279
master L.D., danae, from primaticcio in galerie francois I, H4, 257
master L.D., erato, after primaticcio probably for lower gallery at fontainebleau, H24, 285

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