The Great Exhibition: by type

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sleigh, Quebec, Saurin, -
Textile, -, Halifax, Ackroyd & Son
Textile, Britain, Birmingham, Newton Jones & Willis
Textile, Britain, Leeds, Dove & Co.
Textile, Britain, London, J.W. Gabriel
Textile, Britain, London, Lapworth
Textile, Britain, London, Smith & Co.
Textile, Britain, London and Coventry, Cox & Co.
Textile, Britain, Norwich, Clapburn & Co.
Textile, France, -, Beauvais National Manufactory
Textile, France, Paris, Requillard Roussel & Choqueil
Textile, Ireland, Belfast, Andrews
Textile, Scotland, Glasgow, Brown
Textile, Scotland, Lasswade, Henderson & Widnell
Textiles, Belgium, Brussels, Vanderkelen-Bresson
Textiles, Britain, Paisley, Brown; Sharps & Co.

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