The Great Exhibition: by type

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Glass, Britain, Birmingham, Harris & Son
Glass, Britain, Birmingham, Osler
Glass, Britain, London, Hewett & Co.
Glass, Britain, London, Pellatt
Glass, Britain, London, Pellatt
Glass, Britain, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Gibson
Glass, Britain, Stourbridge, Richardson
Glass, Scotland, Edinburgh, Ballantine & Allan
guitarpa, Malaga, J. Gallegos, J. Gallegos
Ivory, Britain, London, Hewett & Co.
Jewellery, Britain, Exeter, Ellis & Son
Jewellery, Britain, London, Durham
Jewellery, Britain, London, Rowlands & Sons
Jewellery, Britain, London, Watherston & Brogden
Jewellery, France, Paris, Froment-Meurice
Jewellery, France, Paris, Rudolphi

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