The Great Exhibition: by medium

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engraving, Architecture, -, London
engraving, Architecture, -, London
engraving, Exhibition, -, London
glass, Glass, Brooklyn Flint Glass Works, New York
glass, Glass, Mellish, London
goblet, goblet, Hall, Derby
gold embroidery/silk, Textile, J.W. Gabriel, London
gold/lapis-lazuli/silver/rock crystal, Metalwork, Morel, London
gold/silver, Metalwork, Argell, London
gutta percha, Furniture, Gutta Percha Company, London
iron, Metalwork, Dupont, Paris
iron, Metalwork, Hoole & Robson, Sheffield
iron/gold/silver, Arms, Falloise, Li´ge
ivory or boxwood, Book binding, Gruel, Paris
japanned iron ware, Metalwork, Fearncombe, Wolverhampton
jasperware, Ceramic, Wedgewood & Brown, Stafforshire:Etruria

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