Some Biographical Background

Michael Greenhalgh, MA, PhD, FSA (The Sir William Dobell Foundation Professor of Art History), Australian National University, GPO Box 4, CANBERRA, ACT 2601, AUSTRALIA. Tel: (06) 249-2701 Fax: (06) 249-2705 Email:

Main research interests:

1. Computing applications in the Humanities, especially in Art History, and especially to do with images;

2. The impact of classical art & architecture upon that of later centuries.Click here for a sample paper explaining what I'm doing.


The Classical Tradition in Art, Duckworth, London, 1987, 271pp;

Computing for Non-Scientific Applications, (joint author with D. Andrews), Leicester University Press, Leicester 1987, 346pp;

Donatello & his Sources, Duckworth, London 1982, 226pp;

Bernini and the City of Rome (6th Sir William Dobell Memorial lecture), Sydney 1988, 38pp;

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What is Classicism?, Academy Editions, London 1990, 72pp;

Essential Guide to Art History (joint author with P. Duro), Bloomsbury, London 1992, 311pp;

Some Recent Papers:

"Iconografia antica e sue trasformazioni durante il Medioevo" in S. Settis, editor, Memoria dell'Antico nell'Arte Italiana, Einaudi, Turin 1985, 155-97;

"Romanticism: a definition", Art & Design: The New Romantics, IV.11/12, 1988, 20-35;

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The computerisation of museum collections', in Ancient History: Resources for Teachers, XXI.1, 1991, 34-43;

The final stages of compilation preceding editing are about to begin on a book solicited from me by Messrs Routledge of London, and entitled The Making of Art. I am editing this in collaboration with Dr Alison Yarrington, of the University of Leicester;

I have been invited to guest-edit a 1994 issue of Computers and the History of Art, and will focus on the potential for computerized graphics in the discipline;

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