Prisse d'Avennes

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mosque, da'ud pasha, plan, ottoman, 2
mosque, ibn tulun, ornamental details, 876-9, 160
mosque, minaret, nasriyah mosque, 15thc, 113
mosque, qa;itbay, woodwork decoration: doors & cupboards, views, 15thc
mosque, qaisun, interior window decoration, 14thc, 174
mosque, qawam al-din, white marble floor, view, 18thc
mosque, shaik al-burdani mosque, friezes etc of small rooms, 1616-29, 238
mosque, shaik bal-burdani mosque, main hall interior, 1616-29, 215
mosque, shaikhun, mihrab: ceramic wall tiles, views, 14thc
mosque, sinan pasha, interior plan facade, 1571, 129
mosque, sultan hasan, main entrance, 1356-61, 66
mosque-mausoleum, sultan al-ghuri, view, 1503-4, 118
mosque-mausoleum complex, sultan al-ashraf qaytbay, minaret, 1472-4, 103
palace, isma'il bik, ceramic wall tiles, view, 16thc
stucco, laid on stone: various sources, views, 16thc-18thc, 202
techniques, a kiosk: ceramic wall tiles, not located, 16thc, 335

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