Stone of Tizoc.

Like the Aztec Calendar Sun Stone, the Stone of Tizoc is a huge basalt relief dedicated to the sun. It six feet in diameter and four feet high and was built to commemorate the reign of Tizoc and his victory over other tribes. It is interesting to note that while the image of Tizoc appears on the stone fifteen times, and one would assume therefore his power and importance, in real life, Tizoc, failed as a ruler and as a military strategist. It

"is essentially an historical monument, worked in the conventional stiff-figured manner characteristic of manuscript painting, particularly in Oaxaca, where historical screenfold writings had long been made."


A detail of the Stone of Tizoc

The upper side of the stone shows the image of the sun god, Tonatiuh, while the reverse side shows groups of two people which possibly represent different tribes. "In the centre of the stone is an inverted circle, with a narrow gutter or canal leading to the edge of the stone. This represents the canal of blood left by Tizoc in his path. The names of the tribes are represented by symbolical figures above them."(

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