Time and the Aztec Mind -
The Aztec Calendar Sun Stone in Context:

The discussion of my project, Time and the Aztec Mind - The Aztec Calendar Sun Stone in Context, is not a chance to make excuses of why my project is the way it is, or a complaint about the restrictions of time or the endless amount of time needed to fully complete a project such as this, but an opportunity to reveal the changes I made along the way, in order to achieve the final result.

Needless to say I have learnt a lot in this course. This is most obvious in regards to the fact that my Project Schedule is not actually accessible: I wiped that and the rest of my directories and files in week four while trying to get the hang of Unix, the X-term, and the File Manager. However, the fact that the project is 'finished' and (hopefully) all the links work, means I have learnt something about web publishing!

My initial proposal, although focussed, was admittedly vague in approach. I expected to discuss the Calendar Sun Stone in detail, and place it in a 'vague context'. However, as the work progressed, I realised that it was almost worthless to take the Stone out of it's religious, cosmological and archaeological context. It was in this way that the project developed and grew as I constantly tried to delve into the Aztec 'mind' and thought processes. As such, I found the transition from proposal to finished product fairly smooth, albeit time consuming, stressful and frustrating, due to the fact that it grew, almost like a plant, and it wasn't rigidly confined from the start. I have to admit that this was mostly in order to keep my sanity.

Consequently, my title page and it's contents constantly changed and rearranged. I left the imported text to Aztec History and a discussion on the Aztec Empire, and concentrated on the other sections. Images were nothing short of a nightmare; I would have liked to digitise more myself, however, I am reasonably happy with the outcome. I was happy with my imported images and my clickable map. Again, it was an issue of mastering the technology in the time involved.

Further, I think it is important to mention that I have found the 'Publishing on the World Wide Web' course to be extremely enlightening and valuable. Moreover, I find it a source of hope that a group of students, last year and this, have endeavoured to give value to the Internet and produce work of an intelligent and academic nature. Also, as a final point to my degree, although I have sometimes wished I had enrolled in an easier subject, at the end, I, and everyone else who has 'lived' in Copland G39, have worked extremely hard and had albeit a stressful kind of fun. It has therefore been an extremely valuable semester all round!

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The Aztec Calendar Sun Stone in Context