The Classical Tradition in Art
Michael Greenhalgh

A Note on the Setup

The original book is a highly-illustrated two-column work with a lot of superscript references. Some of the greyscale illustrations are bled. It was decided not to attempt to preserve all the setup, but to output the material into a simple HTML format for web access.

The OCRing and editing work on this 271-page book took about 5 hours to complete. I think it demonstrates that such programs are getting quite clever!

It is not a complete webalising of the original. Please note that:

  1. Only the chapters, bibliography and index are hot-linked;
  2. If anyone knows of a program which will effortlessly produce a hotlinked HTML index for a work such as this, I'd be very glad to hear about it;
  3. The index might still have some use even with a search from within the web browser - so the original page numbers have been retained;
  4. The original illustrations were small, and the OCRing has not improved their quality - but they should do as memory-aids;

Michael Greenhalgh,
Canberra, 11th July 2003