Architecture of CN Ledoux

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, Bordeaux: Cathedral of Saint-André as a revolutionary Temple: ground plan, temple, 2171, Brongniart
, Château Trompette: overall plan of the site, château, 2227, Baltard
, Garonne: view of site as it would appear following Baltard's plans: detail, plan, 2229, Baltard
, House on the rue Neuve de Berry: plan of 2nd floor showing terrace theatre: det., house, 1448, C. N. Ledoux
, Ile de la Cité and the Pont Neuf: plan, plan, 2069, Patte
, Map of Paris showing proposed places in honour of Louis XV: detail, map, 2068, Patte
, Palace for the Princcess de Conti; Louveciennes project: perspective view, palace, 1443, C. N. Ledoux
, Place de la Concorde: design for a monument, piazza, 2198, Pozzi
, Plan for the site of the Bastille, plan, 2077, Anon.
, Project for a column for the Pantheon: detail of capital, column, 2134, Durand & Thibault
, Project for a column to Victory and to Peace: elevation, monument, 2221, Clochar
, Project for a large primary assembly: elevation: detail, public palace, 2157, Durand & Thibault
, Project for a Municipal palace: perspective view, public palace, 2095, Boullée
, Project for a National Assembly: ground plan & persepctive view of site, parliament, 2099, Lahure
, Project for a school: elevation and section: detail, school, 2168, Durand & Thibault

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